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The Creator - A short story

January 20, 2023

Here is a little something for my followers. A short story I threw together today. Hope you like it. I just needed to use my creation chops again..

Short Story by K.R.Dunn 4 pages, 1956 words.

The Creator

The view was amazing.

The sky lit up by stars and nebulas. My window to the outside is unfamiliar to me. I look at my hands and wonder what am I? I hear baying noises from the room next to me. A roar rips through the hallway outside my door startling me.

This is only my second day. I have no memory before. The only way I can tell of the day’s passing is from a nearby star that circles around us. My room is half window, the rest shiny metal with plastic trims around the window and door. The door has no handle on it, no way to get out. Lighting is bright during the day by artificial light but dimmed by my controllers at night to a soft glow.

I pass the time by playing a three-dimension game created by holograms with the goal of being the last survivor on the board which is made up of different creatures that I have never seen.

A click brings my attention to the door. Slowly opening, my heartbeat pounds in anticipation of what lies behind. A hand reveals itself first, one of thick fingers covered in fur and long sharp nails. Upon fully opening a huge being in comparison to me stands in the doorway beckoning me to follow. A smile is shown to help ease my fears, but its size and look make it hard for me to move. I feel like I have seen something like it before, but this is different.

It walks back out, leaving the door open for me. I ease towards the opening and glance around the corner to see the creature with another waiting for me. The other one is contrastingly different from the first. The second one is covered in scales compared to the long fur on the first one. Both have massive heads set upon strong thick bodies, but the one covered in scales has a long nose with more teeth showing. Both have battle armor on and side-arms. They must be some kind of security or soldiers I think to myself.

I start to walk down the long hallway. Small windows into each room as I pass that was like mine emit different sounds from them. Some sad, some angry, some dangerous. A few fleeting visuals of different creatures are also seen through the small portals as I stare with curiosity. The hallway starts to slope downwards as we get closer to a large opening into a vast expanse of open space. The lights from inside are blinding as my eyes try to adjust. What is this place?

A booming voice makes us stop. A tall humanoid being covered in head to toe in shiny armor, mostly dark blue, with some parts black. No skin is visible. Her face covered by a metal plate with slits cut out for eyes. I only can guess that it is female by the shape of the figure and the voice that we all heard like it was sung through an amplifier. Hints of what lies underneath. The tall being walks towards me and the guards move aside as she does.

“What is your name little one?”

I realize she is addressing me. My voice leaves me. I cough to help me clear my throat and then answer;

“I wish I knew my name, but I have no memory past the last couple of days.”

“Then we will need to give you a name.” She answers.

“I am known as the creator, and you are one of my creations.”

“What am I?

“What do you think you are?”

“A small humanoid creature.”

“Hah, is that all you think of yourself little one?”

“You are far more than that. I have made your special over all the rest.”

“How can someone as small as I, be special over the rest?”

“I have made you self-aware, that is how.”

“Use your intellect that I have given you and tell me what you think you are based on your surroundings and fellow beings?”

I pause and take it all in. Looking at the two guards who seem made up of animals and humanoid beings. I look around and see that I am in a lab, full of chemicals and various equipment.
On the other side of the space, I see large and small animals inside containers and they look asleep or drugged. I then speak;

“You are creating genetic hybrids of animals and humanoids. I am a mix of some small animal and humanoid, while the guards are mixed with some larger animals or reptiles. But for what reason I do not understand.”

“Does there have to be a reason little one? To explore creation is that not enough?”

“Do you not have a reason for your exploration of genetics other than just for the mystery of doing so? As in, are you trying to create a small creature like me to work in a smaller space, or be able to climb where normal humanoids could not?”

“You are as intelligent as I hoped you would be. I will name you Alexander.”

“I thank you for my name, but still question my identity and purpose.”

“I brought you to being both to prove that I could do it and if successful so that you could lead my forces against the dark.”

“What is this Dark?”

“A darkness that is taking over all known space and brings war and starvation to the societies that are left.”

“How could one as little and insignificant as I help end this darkness if it is so vast and invading?”

“You underestimate yourself Alexander. I have given you purpose, high intellect, empathy, and cosmic awareness. That last great power puts you far above all the rest and will allow you to transmute matter and traverse space without the aid of science. So as I have said, you are very special.”

With that knowledge, I think how can it be that I am this powerful. I do not feel powerful, I let my mind wander past the window in my room into the vastness of space. It draws me outward.

I feel the warmth of a nearby comet as it passes near me. The heat increases as I grow closer to a nearby red star. I should feel cold, but I do not. Then I realize it is me, but not me. My mind is traveling outside the station, but my body is still where I left it in the lab. I know look at the station from outside. It is made up of several large modules and has one transport ship attached to one of its docks.

The station is in orbit around a large planet that is covered in clouds. Some lights are seen on the surface telling me there is life on the surface. My window in the station never showed me the view of the planet always facing away. Why? Such beauty. I head back towards the station. I feel like a ghost being able to pass through the hull like it isn’t there. I see my body still frozen in time in front of the creator.

I look around the lab, and now understand all that has been performed here in the advance of science. All the death that occurred along the way. It horrifies me that one being would do this to others and claim it o.k. in the name of science.

I go to the animals in the containers, I feel their fear even while they sleep. I travel farther down the structure and find dozens of humanoids boys and girls kept prisoner awaiting experimentation. Traveling through the hallway where once my room was located, I now feel the anguish of these ‘experiments’ and want to right the wrong.

Reentering my body as if no time had passed, I speak;

“What gives you the right to perform these experiments on living creatures?”

She seems taken aback by my question. There is a pause, then she says;

“If I had not, you would not be here.”

“But at what cost? Too much death was spent in the process.”

“Science is forced to take drastic measures at a time to evolve as you have evolved from past creations.”

“I am saddened by what my creation has caused along the way.”

“Do not blame yourself for what I have done. I except my pass deeds in your eyes now that you stand in front of me talking to me so. It was all worth it to bring such magnificence into this world.”

I think on that, and still think no being is worth the death of so many in the past to create it. I feel a compelling urge to right the wrong done by my creator.

“This darkness you speak of is humanity and its expansion into the known universe. Yes, they can make mistakes and cause war and famine, but they are also capable of great things. Beautiful art, love, childbirth, and even your precious science. Why do you hate them so?”

“Once like you, I questioned my identity and purpose.”

As she said that she started to remove her face mask. Her hand delicately touching several buttons on the side of her skull. Then quickly the front piece retreated into the top of her headpiece and the face of a mutated woman looked at me. Deep pockets of red-underlined her eyes, no eyebrows were left, her skin was creased in several directions. A look of both genetic manipulation and surgery left her as she was.

“I awoke many years ago also as an experimentation. An experiment that went wrong in there eyes, and I was imprisoned on the planet below as a tragic failure. I escaped my imprisonment and hopped a ride on a transport ship to this station. I ‘removed’ the civilized inhabitants and then started experimenting on my own to see if I could solve this riddle the beings below had instilled in me.”

“I would have thought you would have learned as being one of the victims that you would not want to create more of the same, instead you have become far worse than the beings of this planet. I have experienced them in my mind and see they have stopped those kinds of genetic changes after seeing what they had done to you and others.

So now after all this time, you are really the darkness, not the beings you escaped from and blamed for your creation.”

“And I thought you would understand my desire to find my answer being someone like me.”

“As you have said, you made me better, and with that cosmic awareness, I only see the horror of what you have done and know it must end here with us. I transport all of the remaining creatures on this station to the planet below to live out their remaining lives naturally. I leave you alone on this station to contemplate what you have done. Your choices are to live out your days here alone, or join the race below and pay for your crimes against them. Perhaps they will show pitty after what they did to you long ago.”

“I leave you with that thought.”

As I leave I look at her disfigured face, and I turn it back to what it once was, a beauty that has been scarred on the inside as she was on the outside.

My mind once again soars through space as I feel one with the cosmos. All is wonder and beauty to explore as I hope to once again find peace.

The End.

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