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Hello and welcome to my website. I’m a writer pushing hard to be a successfully published author with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other. I’m so appreciative and delighted by the positive responses my work has received, and I want to foster that connection with a wider audience. I’m looking forward to sharing my future stories as they come to fruition. Until then, check out my more personal blog posts below and even better, sign-up on my email list for future mailings telling of new blog post, newsletter, or books coming out. Thank you in advance!


Kevin Feige wants movies to 'Inspire the next generation of storytellers'

“I love the idea that our movies can inspire the next generations of storytellers the way that my favorite movies inspired me,” he said. “I hope that’s how it has the effect.” So who as a writer or filmmaker is inspired by movies? Well, I have to admit I am tremendous. My first inspiration to write was when I was young and being a marvel comics reader and collector. Many times I thought of my own story with the marvel comic heroes. As I became a t