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A good reputation is nice to hear.

Hi gang! Well the other day I went to another dealer in our local zone to pick-up some items needed for a bike repair at my dealership. Figured I would stop in since I haven't been in there probably for over two years and being a motorcycle fan I love all brands, not just the ones I might sell at the time. Well after saying hi to one of the guys I know, I went over to their parts department and met for the first time their parts manager. Was extremely nice to hear him say; "Hi, your Kevin Dunn, your reputation preceeds you." I responded with "I hope it was a good reputation?", Then he said, "I have only heard good things about you over the years." Now how nice is that to hear?

I hope going forward my integrity and reputation only continue to be recognized as top notch. I don't do anything special, I just treat people with respect, try to be helpful when I can, and hope people will appreciate that in kind. Doesn't always happen, but most of the time it does which is nice to see. Nothing better than helping someone else succeed. Going forward I hope my writing career also takes off from all my hard work (and hopefully latent talent that I think I might have) and dedication to the business in all its facets. Definately doesn't happen over night. Sometimes I start to feel maybe I am too old to make this happen now just because of what I hear in relation to the time it takes to get something published. I am already 2+ years on my first novel and haven't even gotten to the query phase (yet), but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally. A pod cast I listed to the other day on my way to work sobered me in regard to the average publication time when it said one can expect 6-12 mths before a publishing company might pick you up after you have an agent, and then another 1-2 years before your book actually gets published. Aye yi yi.

Oh well, we push, and push, and push. While I wait for that big day, I do not sit idle. I work hard in my day job being the best I can be (and also to pay the bills), and I continue to edit my first book, write my second, add to my author website, facebook page, twitter page, and this blog! So I will continue on, the day will come! Let's make it happen people! Do your dream, make it reality! Get rid of those excuses whatever they may be. People with far more obstacles that you or I have succeeded despite, so we can do it too. Hopefully one day we will all look back and remember these challenges along the way which make us who we are!

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