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Book Two now in full swing!

Today was a good day for book two. Since my editor hasn't sent me any more chapters for a while on Book One, I have been corresponding with one of my local critique members who hold up at home like many other's. I got to critique a couple of her chapters, and now she has done a couple of mine from book two. She is far better than me since she is an retired teacher and is far more detailed than my critique. Which I always warn is more about flow and character interest than grammar and structure which I am definitely not adept at.

Got back two chapters from her today and went through them thorougly doing rewrites and comments so I could send back to her for final review. I also did some posts on by social media pages for my Company (Capital Powersports), personal page, Motonut page, and my Marvel Movie page. So got some writing and marketing in as well. This post will be shared on my FB Author page, as well as my twitter page. Sometimes I will share more details blog post also on my LinkedIn page. All about marketing oneself these days!

Work still rocking and breaking records, construction still going on, but should be finished in next few weeks. New Dealer Management System up and running and all are getting use to it. A lot more potential use out of it that we aren't even using yet. Nice to see.

Been reading more from Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunters series. Enjoy her dark fantasy series, but I have to admit now that I am a writer I do notice her format used in her writing. You can tell she outlines her books because they all have a very similar structure just like most fast read romance novels do. I was also dissapointed and impressed at the same time with two books I just read from her recently once I got into book two realizing all it was is a different POV of the same story. Meaning first book was in the view of one protagonist who interacts with several others, and the 2nd book was just from the point of view of the one of the other protagonist. Ingenius as well though, because it allows you to write two books simutaneously. Good for sales, but I think her true fans might be dissapointed like I was.

[Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon was one of my favorites and he is now a character almost seen in everyone of her books.]

Still highly anxious to see my first book be finished with its first edit, maybe my editor will read this and go, "oh yeah, I still need to finish that one up!" Hint, hint. :)

Onwards and upwards heeve ho!

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