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Cold will not stop me!

Sunday free finally from work, but most of day consisted of garbage, garage cleaning, and Christmas decorations taken down from outside, before I finally got to my computer for writing. Even then had to go through my emails, social media, and do post like this before getting to the real writing and editing. All the while I was fighting a sinus head cold that hit me hard and fast last night with the usual symptoms of sneazing, headache, and being tired.

A couple days ago I finally sent off my first contest submission to for their "Writer of the Year" contest open to unpublished writers. I entered of course in the novel catagory. Who knows? I don't really care about any awards, more interested in contacts and advice I might aquire if I was to be a finalist or winner. You do get flown to NYC and have an evening out with their team. I don't expect to qualify, but if I did, would be a big mental bonus for me. Things like that are confirmation that one is doing it right!

Need to prep for critique group this Tuesday, but worry cold will still be hanging on. Will have to judge by tomorrow. Now to my editors suggestions and applying changes to my manuscript.

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