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Coronavirus affect

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hope this blog post finds everyone well. Crazy what's going on in the world right now with the Coronovirus. Scary stuff but luckily if your in good health your probably o.k. if you get it except for the elderly. So this is really scary for them especially since nursing homes and hospitals are the worst for your chance of getting it. Places where the elderly go to a lot in general. My in-laws just had to cancel their trip that was only 2 weeks away to go to LA, then the UK, and back via Boston to Raleigh. Just as they contemplated dealing with Norwegian airlines to get the trip cancelled Trump just annouced the cancellation of all flights from Europe to the US. A dramatic massive move but understandable. The virus is spreading at a alarming rate so drastic measures are needed to help curb it. May be too little too late though figuring all the thousands of people who do have it and we (and they) don't even know they have it yet. Testing kits are finally getting ramped up for medical personnel to use on the masses.

Still also very worried how this will affect the economies of the world. It is all interconnected these days and will affect everyone even if you don't think so. From the obvious that is already happening like liquid germ killers shortages and toilet paper outages, to actual jobs and incomes. My business for example already has notices from suppliers saying production has either stopped or been delayed. Plus my companies recommending stocking up on certain products since they may not be produced again till a later date, but how do you decide to "stock-up" on product when you current inventory may slump in sales (more than likely) now for the next 2-4 months. Couldn't hit us at a worse time since my industry is very seasonal and weather sensitive and Spring in NC is the best time for motorcycle sales. Could hurt us in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if were even only down 10-20%, let alone 30-50% or more. Peoples livelyhoods are at stake here. Imagine the airlines and cruise ships now showing only 15% capacity. That could put a company out of business if it goes on too long.

If a country or terrorist group really wanted to hurt the world economy, this is an easy way to do it. Imagine if the virus was even more deadly. What fear that would cause. Stock market has been tanking now for 4 business days over all this news. Of course the news is the worst culprit for spreading fear with everyday stating how many deaths have occured around the world and in the USA. Knock it off press. This is not the time for that. Better to be positive and report on the successes against it. Not who to blame. The death count as well as those infected count will no doubt skyrocket as real testing begins in the USA and those infected are found. Seems to transmit very easy since it is airborn.

Let's hope and pray for everyone affected in any capacity that we all get through it o.k. and come out raring to go to make up for lost time. As I mentioned in a quote, to us writers if we were quarantined for two weeks, that would be heaven. Got to look on the bright side!

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