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From youngster to oldie but goodie.

My sister just sent this picture I have never seen of myself and my brother from when we were kids "way back when"(Probably late 60's, early 70's). I am the younger one in this shot. Makes one think how much things have changed both in the world and for ourselves.

I am sure everyone feels this way after you have been around a while. I am now 56, but still feel like I am 35 (most of the time), but as I have mentioned before these past 3 years have really worn on my pysche and body, with major surgery to my neck, mental stress from work and home causing physical anxiety issues I had never experienced before in my life, the changing of several jobs (thank god now I am settled and loving my current job), financial issues and more that I won't get into here. But as I have stated before, could be worse, I still have my wife and two great girls, a house, and overall we are all healthy.

This COVID situation has also brought stress and challenges but we are getting through it like everybody else. These last few years and the ongoing issues really make one appreciate what they have. I am most greatful for my family and my new found love of writing in a more serious capacity.

My writing mentally helped me get through a very tough time and it is still helping focus on the future and has given me more hope as I explore each facet of the writing industry which I find facinating, challenging, and exciting.

As I write this I am using my new WIX app which links to my website giving me another source to feed from instead of having to be on my computer. Feels more natural for a blog, more like posting on FB. But I do hate the continually mispelled words due to fat fingering my typing on my phone, which then I have to go back and fix, especially when it auto populates what it thinks you want to write. Funny sometimes. But hate time wasting issues, and this is one of those. Oh well, i do like having access to my Blog/Website on the fly for my thoughts at the time.

Just gave a custom journal to my youngest daughter for her 18th Birthday yesterday. I was happy to see she liked it! I have always wished I started journaling earlier in life. I only started when my first girl was born, which would now be about 22 years ago. I added a little "prologue" to the first page and a half in her Journal from me thinking it would be nice for her to look back on someday, and I even put a small blurb in the way back which she hasn't discovered yet and I hope she doesn't for many moons from now. That blurb basically just reminds her about all my personal journals that I want to give to her and her sister when I am dead and gone. A window into my soul at different times in my life. Think they should find it interesting enough read. My artist skills are also used throughout the years in my journals too as I drew different views around me over the years.

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