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Me Bad

Well, I have had several friends, family, and acquaintances ask me about my book lately which makes me feel bad. It has been nagging at me anyways and I know I could work the time into work on my book somewhere. Bottom line I work 12-13 hr days with a near 40 min commute time one way. So that makes for a 14-15 hr day. Most of the year we are open 6 days a week, and despite only having to go to work 5 of those days, I usually spend at least a few 2-3 hrs working from home on OEM stuff for work.

So mentally it is really hard to get into the rhythm I need to finish my overdue edits. I usually need at least 6-8 hrs straight since it takes me about an hour to get up to speed mentally into the groove and then away I go. Despite all my excuses, I could still have made this happen several times, but life also gets in the way. Sometimes I am just too wiped out to use my mental faculties to be able to edit/write. Other times things like overdue yard work, or honey-do's get in the way. You all know how it is. It's called LIFE. And I haven't even mentioned the even more important family time with my ladies.

I hate making promises that I may not be able to keep, but now that we are back to a 5 day work week, I hope to be able to use some of my Mondays again to get back into it. I know my editor is more than ready for me to comply. I am the one holding it all up. That is what happens when you become a successful General Manager of a very fast-growing Powersports dealer. Took a while but we finally installed Kawasaki as a new franchise to our dealership, and by next finally, I will be able to say the same for Suzuki.

There is a lot to do when that happens with each brand from orders, stocking in, contracts to sign, space organization, displays to be built, staff training, signage, etc, etc. That has been a huge swallower of time for me. Luckily I love the biz and especially the brands I have now brought together under one roof. A dream of mine to be able to do ever since I started here, and a personal goal over all my years in the industry to work for a dealer which had the Big 4 at a minimum (Big Four includes the four Japanese Motorcycle brands of Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki). I have worked with all of the big four brands over the years many times in different places, but never all in one place. Closest was when I worked for Cal Coast Motorsports in Ventura, CA which had Kawasaki and Yamaha (and then I helped add Ducati and Triumph), but we also had a second store in Oxnard which had Honda and Suzuki. We "could" sell any of the brands, but in general, each store's personnel sold what they had at that store, not product from the other store which was rare. So this is a dream come true for me and I am thriving in that environment that I finally have control in developing with a great staff and store. It will be the ultimate one-stop-shop Powersports store. If you are a fan of anyone Japanese brand, you will find it here at our store if it is available. We are currently up over a million dollars in just one year and plan on the second phase of construction for our growth expansion starting next year. Drawings are already being done. Good stuff.

So that is my story, and I am sticking to it. Never a full excuse, but a decent one. I still will conquer both, but my focus which is my main money as of right now has to be my #1 focus. My staff depends on it. I hope you all understand. Thanks for your support.

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