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My apologies to those who read my blog!

Has been several weeks since I have had a chance to even write in this blog. My aplogies. Work has been overwhelming. Some of you probably think I have given up seeing no real progress reported. Well far from it! Just been time issues, nothing else. When one works 60-70 hrs per week, and still brings home work to do on your day off, makes it hard to do your passion and still see your family too! Very frustrating. Believe me I want nothing more than to write or even edit at this point. My editor had surged up to chapter 65 a few weeks ago, but then has gone quiet. We are all very busy these days with how the world has turned upside down. Some not working, but searching. Some working from home and trying to balance work and home interruptions, and then some of us like me are in a industry that is surging right now breaking all the records and volume that we haven't seen in 20+ years. No way to predict that all while a pandemic is going on, and my work is in full demo mode for remodeling now for the last six months and all that brings to the table on a daily basis. Crazy times. Don't give up on me because I sure haven't. Editor only has 7 chapters to go and then we move on to finishing the Query letter and that Synopsis which I dread. So a light is at the end of the tunnel and I so look forward to it. I also haven't been able to add to my second book at all in over 2.5 months and hope to be able to do that soon as well. Like I said crazy times!

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