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My COVID-19 rant.

Wow, who would have thought we would be at this point now with the Coronavirus pandemic. Just a month ago in our area here in NC, it looked like something that was only going to affect those larger metro areas like NYC or Los Angeles. Now a month later all states are dealing with this issue, some still worse than others, but NC is catching up quick to other eastcoast states with an increase of cases being reported. The real fear is how many more people have the virus but don't even know it. Potentially 20-30% more cases unknown around the country. The test kits are only now just starting to get out in masses. For now the local hospitals are refusing any non-emergency cases now. Armed guards now being posted at the entrances. Crazy stuff.

You read of some cities or areas doing a great job of trying to do a full lock-down of its citizens to protect them from social contact and spreading the virus. But then you read about Florida allowing spring break to continue showing thousands of younger people on the beaches with no care in the world. Los Angeles beaches also show way too many beach goers on the beach in close proximity to other people. The order to not go to work only seems to give them the idea to get out in groups and hang at the beach or explore the trails. A good friend of mine said the trails he usually mountain bikes on in the Newbury Park area in California were filled with large groups of people out hiking. Now I understand the need to get out of the house when familes are all couped up together, but it has only been a few days of their Stay-Home order and they are already disregarding the order. Do they not realize how this endangers more people? Very unthoughtful in my opinion of others, and dissapoints me greatly.

I am also dissapointed in the unclear message being sent out by the Governor of NC as of today. No official "Stay-Home" order has been given other than the mandated closures of all restaurants, bars, salons, and large events over 50 people. But then they "recommended" that all other businessess self-test all employee's for fever as well as each customer that enters their business each day? An impossible task by most retail businesses, and who would that business put into that potential harms way as the tester of these customers and staff? Just plain dumb. Either make the decision to close or be open? Should be no gray area to protect our citizens. As the GM of a retail store that is governed by a larger corporate entity, I cannot close unless they order it so for all stores. I want to keep my employee's still working and making money, but I want to protect their health even more so. Many, many retail chains have now closed for the forseable future, but it is still up to each company to make this decision. If a government mandate came out their decision would then be easy. They would no longer have to worry about loss of business to competition. Everyone would be in the same boat. Then we would all come out at the save level when this is all over.

Frustrated over this whole ordeal. I know it is a new unknown, but now watching other states make the call to protect their citizens it seems like a no-brainer. Now I know more rural areas or larger states that have vast differences between their cities they can monitor their own situations and make their own decisions. Example South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Compared to the states on the east coast which are far more dense in population or states like CA and WA who obviously already a crisis percentage wise. It is as I say we need more facts and information. A moving target I am sure and each state started their stages at different times. NC has now closed schools until May 15th, which is more realistic in regard to the time of this graph for NC. It will get worse before it gets better. But it will get a lot worse if we don't order a "stay-home" order soon. Right now they seem to be reactive to the results instead of being proactive.

Communication is always the key for all troubles. Let's hope they get better soon. Thanks for reading my rant that is off the usual writing subject. Cheers.

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