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My neck is killing me!

Well, I just spend many hours in my home office staring at the manuscript on my big screen as I edit. Not only are my eyes tired, but so is my neck aching me something awful. For those who know me, I have had neck pain now for over 7 years which got very severe back in 2018 when I underwent neck surgery and had a titanium plate put into to support by C5-C7 spinal column. They had hoped that after surgery that the cow bone would grow and fill in both areas where there was once disk. Unfortunately the C6-C7 did not grow in so it has left a hole which someday means they will have to go back in once again as the pressure now caused by lack of filler in that spot will be too much for the titanium to handle. Hmph, who knew eh? I always thought Titanium was tough!

But surgery did fix the severe pain, but unfortunately ever since, I am back to the nagging constant pain I had before it flared up. I don't think now it has anything to do with the spine, instead I think its the arthritis that was well pronounced after many years was also found in my neck area during my neck investigation prepping for surgery from an MRI. So now constant neck rolls and shoulder shrugs are the necessity all the time to help ease the pain, but I have learned to live with it. Sometimes on a scale of 1-10 it is barely a one, but most of the time its a 2-3, and sometimes like now, it flares to a 4-5 making it very hard to concentrate on my writing and editing dang it.

Could be a lot worse. I know friends and family who are fighting cancer or covid, so one just needs to move on and deal with it. No real fix that I have found, I can only exercise mild movement and douse it with heat or good ole Bio Freeze which I live off of sad to say. But it helps! It is now nearly 8 pm after starting today at about 11;30 am Another good day editing, but still isn't moving fast enough to meet my goals of being done by Feb 1st. So I think as I have mentioned before, will have to now start doing this while on lunch breaks and week nights as well.

Now if I could just get this neck to cooperate I would be in heaven. Crunch time, both literally in my neck and with this manuscript! Push, push, push. I will overcome!

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