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New Pro-Beta Reader on tab?

Looks like I might have found a new editor whom I am signing up with shortly. Actually quite excited about it. Feels like one more step closer to the finish line. She will be doing a full beta read first on my novel, and then if needed, maybe more developmental work. Hoping it doesn't need that much work since it has been critiqued about a dozen times (well at least the first quarter of the book has), and now I have had several full beta reads before, but not a pro reading from end to end. So this should be good.

Will see if all the hard work paid off. I do still worry as the author when I edit chapters, removing sections, and sometimes even full chapters, that I might not have noticed some flow and pacing lags created, or a change of view, or something that just plain doesn't make any sense now. So it will be good to have a new perspective. I still hope to finish up my line edit with my current editor Marissa Stevens who as of this writing only has 5 chapters to go and then my epilogue. Then onto the Query letter and synopsis I go! Yay!

I should have already done those last two, but because of procrastination and then being super busy at work with long hours, I just haven't had the time to wrap my head around it. I am really starting to get a hankering to get back to my second novel which stalled about chapter 3 the last time I looked at it. When I write though I prefer to really close myself off and bang out chapter after chapter for hours on end. So just a quick blog post to tell you where I'm at. Now onto editing Fran's latest chapters! Finally. Sorry Fran.

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