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Pantser brain lock.

Seems my pantser style is causing me a problem with query writing since query writing despite letting you be creative in the body of the letter, still requires a very planned out attack design. It is causing issues with my brain and locking up my thoughts. Plus I lost time playing with the set-up of a 2nd monitor in my office today which I can’t get quite right with its brightness and font size. Focus Kevin, focus. Dang it.

Here is where my #creative side just wants to create, but my logical side says "no, you must plan and organize your lay-out." and "you must do more research on styles that have been successful". Frustrating. Feeling very stifled. That is why I am back on my website needing a break from the overthinking. Thought that the Query would be the relatively easy part. It was the synopsis I dreaded, now I am starting to doubt myself over this. Aargh.

Why does our brain do this to us? Veni Vidi Vici! I will conquer this yet. Must push on....

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