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Patience young grasshopper

This is so true in writing and publishing. You wait to finish your first draft, then your second, and so on. Then you wait for your editor to complete the line by line edit, and complete your final review. Then you wait to research your agents and create your query letter and synopsis, then you wait after sending out your first queries for an answer. Then you will wait again if you get picked up by an agent as they attempt to find you that great offer from a publisher. Then you will wait once again once you have a publisher for them to create, produce, edit, and finally publish your work. Aye Yi Yi. I am trying to mitigate that wait time by now researching agents and start the query creation now so I will have lots of time to perfect that as well. One of life's greatest challenges testing one's patience and true grit. I am also running a business, 3 social media pages, and started writing my second book so I can keep my creative juices flowing. One way to stay busy!

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