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R&R in the local mountains is good for the soul, and hopefully some ideas for future books!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Quick blog post while I am up here in the Applachians for a few days. Get away finally after all work and no play for the last year and having to had cancelled my 25th Anniversary trip this last May to Charleston (which sucked!). Here with my wife and girls mostly for my youngest who we are sending off to her 1st year of college at the end of this month. Been torrential rain and thunderstorm each day by usual late afternoon/early evening here everyday, but cool in the a.m. and hot mid-day. Nothing like a mountain thunderstorm when its right on top of you and echoing off the local mountains.

Our Cabin

Using my WIX app to do this blog, so hopefully no texting typos from fat fingering. My apologies if you do catch one that I didn't.

Just finished day two of serious hiking, each time "only" 1.5 - 2 miles long on first half, but both all straight up on serious incline. Killer workout, but I am way out of shape from what I use to be when I could knock this kind of hike out no problem just a few years ago. Shows what no exercise, stress, high gluclose levels, and neck surgery, can do to a person. But it also shows me where I want to be back at, so an eye opener.

Chimney Rock overlook view

Our cabin is very secluded (freaking out my wife and daughters a bit) but I don't mind it. She picked it so can't blame me for this! Nice cabin overall though, just no real view. Vegetation is massive in this area and covers all. They found a old stone building in the brush hiding nearby and want me to go investigate. It offers two openings where two doors once were, but now just abyss. Told them I would check it out once the rain stops. Good writing location really, I have been adding to my journal quite a bit. Number 5 if I remember right covering over 21 years since I started when my first daughter was born!

City slickers probably wouldn't like this cabin deep in the woods, but I dig it. Now a riverside cabin would be even better, love the sound of the river going by!

We are up in Black Mountain, near Lake Lure, Bat Cave and Chimney Rock in the North Carolina Mountains. Love the names! All have history behind them. Lake Lure was where the movie Dirty dancing was filmed. Love that movie. If you do the lake tour by boat they will tell you some funny tidbits about the filming here like how for the famous scene in the water it was actually very cold time of year and Swayze could only do one run at it because they were shivering.

Nuff blab, we are waiting out the rain so we can go to dinner, thunder and lightning had now long passed but the rain hasn't. Makes you realize why everything is so green up here! Hope your all good! Cheers.

Picture I took while on a hike.
Upper Hickory Nut Gorge Trail

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