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Rockin' the edits and more!

Another great night of editing, section cutting for beta readers, and prepping for a writing contest I just paid to enter. Went through final chapters 40-66 (Yes, now 66 Chapters plus a prologue and epilogue) continually looking for and finding POV issues along with sentence and paragraph structure. My weaknesses always. More small rewrites along the way. Almost 3 full hours solid uninterrupted working on my book. Wish I could get more of this kind of office time. Always feels good to accomplish more on my book. Thank you to Glenn, one of my most voracious Beta Readers for consuming my first two 100 page increments in very little time and asking for more. Thank you to Big Red for asking for a resend on the first 100 which he didn't get a chance to read despite his wife doing so. Thank you to the contest people at for answering my question so quickly. This year is off to a great start! Thank you to all those who have offered encouragement along the way.

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