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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Well today I was able to knock out quick a few chapters for for the 10th time "final edit". Ok, so it wasn't 10 times, but after 13 full drafts, one full line by line edit, and numerous rewrites and chops, it feels like it. Especially since I am talking almost 3 years since I began this endeavor (First draft started in March 2018 and completed on July 3rd, 2018). As I have said before I have learned a lot.

Example today as I read my manuscript once again, I still continually find places to improve my writing. That means either shortening a sentence, putting more show instead of tell into places, and then some actual story additions to further build on some relationships in the story. Some of the pieces that I corrected seem so easy to see now when way back in the beginning I thought it was great and everyone would fall all over it saying how good it was. Hah. The great news through-out has been the one same constant upon reviews or critiques. Everyone everytime has said it was an enthralling piece to read, both fast paced and full of action. I have just learned along the way to better my prose and offer up more depth of characters.

I am still hoping to be finished with this (I hope yet again) final edit so that my wonderful editor can finally have this back for her final review before going to query. Still haven't had a chance to even think about my synopsis and query letter since I have been stepped deep in these rewrites currently when I have the time to focus on my writing. I read about some people saying how they will just take an hour here or hour there to do some writing encouraging you to just do it when you can however small amount the time is you have. That unfortunately does not work for me. I need at least 3+ hrs usually to get myself engrossed in my edits. Now maybe just for the creative side of the writing in the beginning, maybe, but not for this stage where it takes immense focus as you are analyzing everything as you go along from the subject matter, characters, story, flow, spelling, and structure. The best is like today that I can spend most of the day in my home office deep in thought on the subject and still have time to take breaks to talk to the wife or daughter at lunch, or get some exercise walking our little Tessa.

Even to write in this blog is a break from the manuscript. Currently only at the end of Chapter 6 but I felt like I was moving fast all day. Even though now knowing I have 67 Chapters to go that is not the case. Ugh. Back to it then! Thanks for reading. I might add more to this after a few more chapter edits if anything comes to mind, otherwise I am at a loss of words regarding the process. I could easily go on and on about the world around me from Covid issues, to the President-Elect Joe Biden inaguaration coming up shortly and how the government has been forced to bring in increased armed troops to make sure the transistion goes o.k. Sad really. I do blame both Obama and Trump for this Right vs Left. They both help foster this increased venom between both sides. I started to write some more blab regarding my opinion of this matter, but now have deleted it. Don't want my blog to become political in nature at any time. Have learned that is not a good thing the hard way over the years after losing friends over difference of opinions voiced. Not worth it. So nuff said on that matter.

My brain is starting to lock-up wanting to take a break from it all. So at 8:19 pm I am done for the day. Now my mind will go back to 110% focus on my current job which I am enjoying immensily as it challenges me to continually push the envelope and make the dealership the best I know it can be. Piece by piece it all comes together from both sides of the coin. Nice to see it all working out.


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