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Screenwriter to make you a better author?

Just heard a comment from an author/teacher/screenwriter who says all authors should learn to write a screenplay. It helps you become more visual. I couldn't agree more. I believe I think in this way when I write being an inspired writer from movies. Of course one can always get better with "show, don't tell". I know I have come a long way when it comes to Show, Don't Tell, but still have a long way to go as I continue to learn along the way mostly in rewrites as I edit. My other issue is POV (Point of View) which I continue to struggle with and can read something I wrote over and over again and not catch my mistake but then on my 9th read, I will catch it. That is why it is so critical you get Beta Readers also read your stuff. They will catch something you may not. The writer's brain fills in the blanks sometimes as you read it because you know what you mean to describe. Another reason to read your own writing out loud. I have found many an error that way and highly recommend this practice. Besides, it may even help you become a voice for an audiobook or podcast in the future as you get better at reading out loud. It will also help you in any critique group reads the better you get at presenting. Maybe I will take a screenwriting online class. Hmmm.

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