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Sick as a dog - a good time for reading, writing, researching, and a little binge-watching!

Well, I got the crud going around with my staff and my daughters. Finally caught up to me dang it. I had to work through it till this Sun/Monday before Christmas which is going fast. I have to go in to work tomorrow for a short day for all those last-minute shoppers, but then I get another couple of days of rest, well at least no working, still, lots of family time and eating to do. :)

I couldn't even sit up yesterday, so binge-watched the new Witcher series on NetFlix which was excellent. Don't think it is Game of Thrones level, but still enjoyable. It definitely left me wanting more at the end which I hear they have already signed a second season. Now we wait, again.

Felt a bit better today, at least I could work in the office. Sent off a next section of 100 pages to a new Beta Reader who went through the first 100 fast. That was a nice surprise. I hope he continues to like it. Been getting good feedback overall from a diverse set of beta readers from a late teen to 20 somethings, all the way past my age bracket. Disappointed in a few beta readers who showed initial interest and asked for a send, but then never got around to reading anything. Oh well, what do you do? Is it the thought that counts? Hmmm.

I also started my research for my 25th anniversary with my wife who has put up with me this long for a romantic getaway to Charleston in May of 2020. She deserves the best, so I hope financially I can put together a great package for us soon and book it. Lots of cool choices in that location. Put out feelers with several hotels to see what they offer in that time frame.

I am sure the location will inspire me to use it in a future novel. Just full of history and architecture to let the imagination run there. I am also working on a chapter by chapter quick synopsis so I can then, in turn, put together my full synopsis for the book. Hate synopsis writing. Too cold and boring for me, but a necessity. Keep putting off my query letter with all kinds of ideas in my head for that one. I just need to start laying it out and making sure I keep it clean, engaging, and professional. Fun fun. So it continues. Even when sniffling and wheezing from a cold, I am working on the novel. Shows how much it means to me!

Merry Christmas. Here is to a great 2020 for us all! This picture is from my house. The beautiful Xmas display my girls put together.



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