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The Creator - A short Story

Well I thought I could just add another page and attach a short story that I whipped up last weekend when I was home sick. Doesn't seem the case with this WIX website. I must be capped on how many pages I get. So I could either post the entire story here on a blog post, but that might be long winded for a blog, so best I believe just to put a link to my FB author page found here:

Check it out if you get a chance. I haven't written a short story in years. Just needed to use my creative chops and take a break from all the editing. I have started my second book and now have many ideas off shoots of my first book with some of the other characters, plus another entirely new saga came into my cluttered mind just the other night that I put notes down for the future. So lots of creative stuff I could be working on. But I wanted something quick and easy with no research needed just some outward imaginative flow. I like it, hope you do too.

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