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The Devil is TV

Been too long since I last posted. Forgive me. Life get's in the way sometimes, but also just distractions to take you off your goals. I got a bit down due to the slow pace of things towards my goals, but then found myself easily sidetracked with silly stuff like binge watching Star Trek Discovery 2nd season on CBS Streaming, and the new Picard Trek knock-off which is also quite good. Makes me sound like a Trekkie. I have always enjoyed all of the series and movies and the basis for whence they came. I also binge watched the new Witcher Series and Madalorian which were excellent as well. So many good distractions come about off TV these days like The Voice starting up again tonight which my entire family enjoys and I like spending time with them with something we all can get into it.

When I do this I instantly feel guilty these days since I am not accomplishing my goals when I put my mind elsewhere. Now I know its good to "get away" sometimes for a fresh think, but that should be a vacation to a exotic local, not to the TV. I got off TV for quite a while overall barely watching it for several years, and that was how I was able to disconnect from cable. But with the great movie level content now coming out on all these streaming services, they are hard to ignore for a fan of high quality fantasy/science fiction. It use to be just those once a month movies at the cinema that would take me away and a once a week for an hour tv show. Now too easy to get sucked in for hours, especially when they dump a whole series all at once like Netflix does. Once Disney+ gets up to speed with all their New Marvel and Star Wars content soon to drop, I am doomed.

I did get in another critique session which was a tough one on me since I got to read, but I got quite a bit out of it and did another full-rewrite of Chapter 3. Still frustrating when you have gone over a chapter numerous times and think it is 90% only to find out its more like 30%. The learning continues. Of course it never ends. I am also getting in some reading which I was way overdue. So not a total loss. Think I need a fresh location to write at instead of just my homebase. Would help spark more creativity out of me I believe. I have gone to a local cafe a couple times but need something new. Hmmm. Unfortunately our local library which we love and literally at the end of our street of our subdivision, has closed for renovations and will not open again I hear till August 2020. So we have a while. I could go down to the new Cary 2-story libary they have just built, which I probably will someday soon, but wish there was something even closer.

I did finally get around to revamping my author business cards which now have a photo I took and use on this website and will now list my website which I needed to do. So I have accomplished some stuff. But still no synopsis or query letter completed which I am moving on after this blog write to do. I had hoped to have been several hundred pages into my book two, and have completed the Synopsis and Query letter by now. Procastionation, distractions, and life just get in the way. I will push through! My fellow writers know what I am talking about. It's all about focus and seeing the endgame! I can see it, taste it, but still need to feel it!

Goals! So many don't have any, why do I have so many? Can drive one crazy!

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