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The Holiday's are here! What are you looking forward too?

So how is everyone's December going so far? I hope it is well. I know many are hurting right now due to Covid or financial woes, so being someone who went through that just a couple years ago as I worked as a UPS Driver helper, and two other side jobs just to make ends meet, I can truly understand what you are feeling. If you are stressing remember right now the most important thing is your family or good friends. Lean on them and share in their warmth as you and many more go through this right now. Focus on something you can do, whether that is something around the house or for someone else. It will make you feel better in these hard times. I always kept telling myself it could be far worse. Even though at the time I was suffering in pain due to what I found to be a exploded C5-C7 disk in my neck that once the MRI was scene by the specialist I was sent for immediate surgery. So I had been working in pain for month's in several physical side jobs in severe pain and financial stress, but I made it through it concentrating on my goal of writing, job searching, and my families happiness during the holiday's. Definately wasn't easy, but I got through it so you can too.

Remember to use the resources available to you. Whether that be for job searching, mental health, exercise, food sources for your family and more. They are all out there, you just have to look for it. Every region has them and generally they are free or low cost. These are people who love to help. Maybe it is time for you to reconcile with a family member that you are estranged from. They too might appreciate the reach out and it will make the both of you feel good about the connection. How about an old friend that you haven't talked to in a long while. Whatever it takes, just do it. You might be surprised with the results. The toughest thing I had to deal with back during my challenging times was not really having anyone close to me that I felt I could talk to about my stress over income loss, marital stress, my physical injury and recovery after surgery, it was a lot to handle on my own and I almost imploded over it all. I was that close and hated to admit it feeling like a failure to myself, my wife, and my family. I finally caved and sought professional help when I started feeling physical reactions to my anxiety like increased heartrate, unable to breath, pain in chest, ect. All things I had read about happening to other people but didn't think it would ever happen to me. I found talking about it truly helped me get through. Of course along with my writing which I dived into headfirst both in the creation and then phase two of editing via critique groups and then a professional editor. It was an eye opener, but one that helped me focus on something other than my depressed feelings.

So whatever it takes, do something that makes you happy. Spend some special time with someone special to you, even if that someone is only your pooch. Go for those long walks outside and soak it all in and realize it could be a lot worse, like it is for many right now with health issues or who have lost someone close to them. If you have suffered from something at that level, then more than ever get some professional help. A therapist is usually covered under most medical plans and they can truly help you get through the loss. I hope that the upcoming holiday's and hopefully new year will be better for us all! Cheers and here is to 2021!

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