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K. R. Dunn


I have always loved action-adventure, especially those with a touch of science fiction. I hope to bring my influences from pulp fiction, marvel superheroes, cliff-hanger movies like Indiana Jones, and my personal experiences as an adventure traveler and professional motorcyclist to the reader seeking something fresh and exciting. Follow my journey on my blog here and on my Facebook author page on how I plan on becoming a successful published author! 

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About this crazy dreamer...

Just a quick skinny on this long-time action fan, artist, adventurer, lover, husband, dad, writer, motorcycle nut, GM, Superhero worshipper and constant goof.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and being able to turn writing into a career excites me to no end. I wrote in the school newspaper when I was young, and over many years have contributed to several Powersports industry information sites as an expert in that field. I also started journaling when my first daughter was born over two decades ago, and my family will one day have many in-depth reads to look back on me. Already have four 700 page journals full of my banter, fears, triumphs, and personal observations of the world around me. Will probably raise some eyebrows long after I am gone I hope.

I am a long time Powersports Retail Manager raised in retail since I was kid. I have enjoyed the industry that has supported me for many years and added to my passion for traveling by my many business travels for it. Motorcycles have always been a love of mine, so this industry was an easy transition for me, and my passion for motorcycles shown through to my clients. They always say do what you love, and I did just that. 

But I really longed to use my creative talent for which was locked away inside for far too long. For many years I was mentally blocked because all that I read said you had to plot out your characters and story in advance. I found that daunting and stifling to any creative juices I did have. 

It wasn't until I was unemployed and laid up after neck surgery in early 2018 that I just let it rip and created my first full 370+ page manuscript in just under 90 days! I found out I was what they call in the industry a Discovery Writer (aka "Pantser Writer"). In other words, I write by the seat of my pants and discover where the story takes me. Many great writers are Discovery Writers, including Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame.

That realization emboldened me to pursue my passion to a higher degree. I joined several critique groups locally. Attending several each month and along the way found a great editor in Marissa Stevens from my old haunt of Southern California who has now relocated to Chicago. She was generous enough to work pro-bono and I hope to make all her hard work pay-off when "we" get published!

Since then, I’ve never looked back and have been improving my craft ever since. I have been spending all my free time towards this endeavor of becoming a #Creative and #Author. So now I push hard to achieve my other long time passion and my goal is to be a successful multi-time best selling author! No pressure right? 

Hope you will follow me on this crazy endeavor so I can take you along for the adventure! Thought it would be good to have a website for those new to the industry writers "like me" so they can see they are not alone with the challenges of becoming a successful/professional writer entrepreneur. Many new writers do not realize they are also starting a business if they want to be successful. Yes, you need quality writing, but you also need to organized for prep time with events, good communication to others, a website, a social media site(s), and good marketing sense to truly make it in the industry these days. Doesn't matter if you want to be a Indie Author (Independantly self-published) or go the traditional route of getting an Agent to represent you to the publishers. It has been quite a learning curve for me and still will be for quite some time into the future. The market continues to change and evolve with the advent of self-publishing, A.I., and expansion of audio books. Who knows where it will end up.

Check out my blog on this site which will chronicle my weekly trials and tribulations of my writing goals. As well as check out my author Facebook page, as well as my other FB pages that cover my other hobbies like Motorcycling and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get to know me. I will add those links to this website as well.Feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading. 

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

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Get in touch with me for more information about upcoming releases. This picture is from my little writers den. At least when I am not kicked out by my youngest daughter as she preps for college applications that is.

Apex, North Carolina

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