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Break Time!

Well, I didn't think I would find myself saying it, but looks like mentally it is time for a break from the manuscript!

I have listened to several podcasts say when a writer gets writers block it is best to step away from your manuscript for a few weeks or even a month so that when you come back to it you have a fresher outlook and perspective on what you need to do.

I feel I have hit a roadblock mentally now on this latest round of suggested edits which are quite substantial especially in the first half of my novel. Last week I did a few changes which I wasn't particularly thrilled with, and that combined with my writers block on how to do some larger rewrites or cuts have made me decide to take a break. I think my long hours at my current main job which have been very mentally tasking do to several issues all happening at once and one of those being the whole Covid-19 continual challenges, some at home challenges, and then this novel all at once are causing a bit of brain block.

So a break it is. Probably just a couple weeks, but I am going to do it. This will allow my editor to completely finish her line edits and then we both need to do a Beta Read ourselves and review some edits from outside sources and what we also find. Hopefully I will have a fresher perspective on it after a few weeks away. Bare with me. I will continue to blog, even if its on other things going on in my life. Like I have been asked to also be in a podcast myself as a Motorcycle Industry Expert. Another thing to wrap my head around and make some notes. My main job as the GM of a growing and sucessful powersports dealer has been both challenging and satsifying over the last year and I feel good regarding what I have helped the store achieve in that short time despite some serious issues like being in the middle of a major remodel and expansion, staff changes, and of course Covid-19. Despite all that we have become one of Yamaha and Honda's top dealers in the Carolina's with last month in July becoming the #1 Yamaha Dealer in that zone. No easy feat and has taken a lot of hard work on my entire's teams parts. Couldn't be more proud of them.

Wish me luck on this break and hope my head can clear a bit. Spent a nice day today with my lovely wife who puts up with my dreams of grandeur and who has stood by me though good and bad over the years. These last few years being some of the hardest for us both due to being let go from my previous long term location, several forced job changes and on and off again unemployment for a couple years, and then my long hours again as I found a new home that fits me perfectly with Capital Powersports in Wake Forest, NC.

Veni, Vidi, Vici. That is I came, I saw, I conquered. My old motto that I stick too. I still see a lot more growth and goals for my myself, and those business ventures I am involved with.

As Nike say's; "Just do it!"


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