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Two Years - No Show.

Well, it has been over two years since I last really dug into my final editing. Frustrating as heck to me and now maybe a bit of a mental block in regard to it all since it is really hard to get back up to speed on where I was at when I dropped off. Need hours just to gather my thoughts and set up my office accordingly to properly do it. Been putting it off. Can't blame work completely for my hiatus. I have had many days off in which I had time to do what I needed to do but dawdled or vegged instead. Some of that is just long hours at work. When somebody does the kind of hours I do weekly (I average 220-240 hrs per mth) most of the time I do want to just veg and watch TV and be a zombie. But then you also add in time out with family, yard work, errands, etc, that time available shrinks quickly.

I really need to just put it on my calendar. It is just like going on a trip, If I don't have it on the calendar scheduled, it just doesn't happen these days! Frustrating, but the life and times of a very busy person which I am sure I am not alone in. Just need to focus. Once I jump back into it and get back up to speed, the process moves faster. It's that first step again that is the challenge. For those few of you who have watched this spot in this regard for my progress, thank you for watching and reading. I hope to make it up to all of you with something fantastic when it is all done.

I am actually anxious to get back into the creative side of writing that second novel as well, but let's not get ahead of myself with my restricted schedule. I do feel lucky that, unlike some writers who say they get writer's block, that is not my problem. I have hundreds of ideas going around in my cranium daily, just need the time to float those ideas onto paper. I can't wait to write on this blog again that I have truly started back up into this foray and all is going well. I find it an exciting and creative medium that I want to explore much deeper. Don't want to be some old retiree' finally writing my stories because then I finally had the time! Must maximize my time available to me and just do it. No excuses!

Cheers. K.D.

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