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Break time is over!

Well that is it. No more break from my manuscript. Time to get serious. Need to put myself deep back into it to get ready for Query time!

Still much to do...

1) Re-Read manuscript. Hopefully with a fresh outlook looking at it again after being away from it for a while will help me shore up some of its deficiencies. Experts say this helps, I will find out!

2) Last edits and rewrites. Have some fresh ideas to add to my father-daughter relationship building as well as Megans character development in the book. Want to make her go from smart but scared to more mentally assure of herself and tough. Think I need to make Katherine more stand-offish and over time relax more around Joe as the romance builds. Just some of the needed updates.

3) Send off manuscript again to my editor Marissa so she can look at all highlighted changes and adjust as necessary.

4) Finish Query letter!

5) Mentally get down pitch for story for quick description.

6) Send off Query letter for final check with editor.

7) Get help from editor to finish dreaded synopsis. A creative's hated object.

8) Final research on which agent to send too on first pitch.

9) Send off query letter!

Not much eh? Aye yi yi. I need to put what I need to do like this for my own mental state to tackle this challenge and be on time which is Feb 1st if at all possible. All this to do while at the same time working on several new brand additions to my store and many logistical challenges to making that happen with adequate increased staffing, sq footage, ect, ect. Of course making sure family time is also involved for fun as well as hopefully getting out on some motorcycles more this year for some rides to the mountains! 2021 looks to be another busy one!

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