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Concede defeat, for now.

Well, I have decided to concede defeat for the time being. What, I'm quitting? Hell no. What I am referring to is my calendar goal of being finished with my manuscript in all its edits to be able to send it out before this year's annual hiatus for the agents over the holiday's. Frustrating that I didn't meet my goal despite trying so hard most of the year with lots of back and forth between my editor, and some critique group comments, and also another editor I had hired to do a full read-through of my manuscript for some overall critiques on the structure and any recommendations

Well that last one was really the straw that broke the camels back in my case. Once I got back her review with some extensive structure recommended changes, I already really knew at that point I wasn't going to make my goal date which was the end of Oct. Why? Once you get a review like this there is the time needed to rewrite those sections, as well as remove or add extensive pieces to fix those issues. Then those rewrites need to go through my main editor Marissa Stevens again to make sure they are correct and smooth. She is quick to catch any blunders on my part. I may have the gift of story, and now with Grammarly plugged in most of the grammar is correct, but she will catch those show or tell moments, as well as my run on the internal dialog that sometimes needs to be chopped. She is also very helpful with better descriptions to create visuals than I am most of the time which has helped immensely in the overall feel of the manuscript.

So today I officially conceded defeat to those who follow my progress on my manuscript that I will not be able to get the finished piece to the agents before this coming holiday season. I might have been able to rush it out (which is never a good thing), but even if I did get it out in time, they (agents) would not have the time to get to read it fully (more than likely) before going on holiday themselves. Which means then I would be waiting for months to hear back from anyone after the initial sends. That would have driven me crazy. It is already bad enough when you have to wait 4-6 weeks on average for a response (if you even get one), but to add another 8-10 weeks to that wait would have been excruciating to my psyche! Sometimes you must take a step back before moving forward again. No, best to wait, finish all the rewrites and edits, and have those polished by my editor. This will also allow me more time to research those agents and put to which one I will send the first batch of query letters too. The general rule of thumb is 4-6 sent in the first batch, wait 3-4 weeks, before sending your second batch. Then that could go on for 6-10-15 different batch sends over a long period (Here's hoping it doesn't!). This time will also allow me to refine my query letter and synopsis (again). My writing office in my home consists of a Query board which lists top agents that got my attention, what company they are with, how I found out about them, and what they are looking for (which will have to be updated again before I send out because often that changes). Then my other dry-erase board on one 1/2 consists of a note section labeling dates of accomplishments like when my first draft was completed, entries into contests, and when my final line edit happened. The other half is a monthly calendar that has my monthly writing goals on it, as well as meet-up events (which have been nill since covid happened) for my critique group or fellow writers. This needs to be updated again now that it's November, but no rush, since now nothing to stress over. I will put goal dates down though to keep me in check going forward so I can still see that light at the end of the tunnel. Easy to get distracted with life issues and now the holidays coming up. Still need to dedicate writing time each week to my goals.

So as I mentioned over the last few weeks I took a break and then started up again about 10 days ago with some chapter rewrites from my editor. Now I am working deeper on character development per my editor(s) suggestions regarding my protagonist and his daughter and girlfriend. I think a little bit more might be needed with his team as well, will see. Not an easy task, because you have to reread through each section and cross-reference it against the editor(s) suggestions. But I am on it now! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and got to see some kiddies or go to a party dressed up. Or maybe you just stayed home and read a scary book in tribute. That is o.k. too. Now onto November, massive amounts of fallen leaves to blow and rake Thanksgiving and then Black Friday and Cyber Monday to finish it off. Why do I get the feeling though that "Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to combine and run for like 4-8 weeks straight? Oh yeah, Covid. Yuck. Here is hoping we all get through that crap safely and in good health, so we can move on from this barrier.

Great time to write though for many. I envy some of you for being paid to stay at home or work from home allowing you more freedom to write on the side. Covid has only increased my day job which is nice financially, but a bit more time at home would be nice to be able to do. As my industry continues to grow (currently) and how my store is also continually expanding with more potential brands, it doesn't look like any time soon I will be slowing down. Probably more time will be needed. So it will be even more critical that I eye put aside dedicated time to work on my writing when I can. Those of you feeling stuck at home, use this time to fuel your creative side, and knock out your writing or some artwork. I hear many since they are at home are seeing home projects they want to do or accomplish. This is increasing both DIY projects and professionally paid contractors to do larger inside or outside jobs. It's happening here in my own home as well. My wife is painting the kitchen on and off when she can (she is working from home), including the cabinets shortly. A big job that is coming along nicely. Then I promised to also paint our living room. We also have a new roof being installed and some siding repair happening on or around Thanksgiving. So busy, busy, busy.

Nuff blab from me this week on the blog. I have not seen that pod-cast I did a few weeks ago hit the live feed yet. They tell me they still have to do a couple more interviews before they will unleash the first three rounds for season 3. So anxious to see how that comes out. Was fun. I did flub a couple of times, once on the opening, and again later on when I started talking too fast regarding my suggestions for running a great business. A bad old habit of mine that I still occasionally do. Use to be worse when I was a kid. That is why I use to laugh when my father-in-law uses to comment about my daughter Emma talking too fast saying; "I didn't understand a word she just said". I remember my dad saying the same thing about me to my family. That's just because we think quickly and get excited about what we are talking about! Does make it a challenge for some to follow. Hahaha. When I speak in front of a crowd, I have to always tell myself to slow down and leave gaps for the audience to absorb between sentences. I don't always perfect that. Stay good everyone and enjoy the beginning of winter wherever you are!


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