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Creative Superhero. Chapters 64-66 done. Whew.

Now that was some work, but as I mentioned before I enjoy that challenge of final editing especially now that I see a light at the end of the tunnel. My editor is rocking it now again, as she sent me these 3 Chapters plus made me realize I hadn't applied the heavily edited Chapter 59 to the manuscript as well. I had a few questions on that one that I found out that send was still stuck in my outbox from a month ago. Ooops.

Think we both have gotten better at knowing what each other wants out a chapter, and if she puts up with me to the end along with a final developmental edit and edit on my Query and Synopsis. I have been in contact with another editor in the movie biz who can help me with that if my editor finally has had enough of me. :) I might still let the other editor do a Beta Read overview of my full book at a nominal expense just to get another professional opinion which can never hurt, especially since she specializes in developmental editing.

So all good stuff as we continue to move forward through these very crazy times all the while my work is going like gang busters as we break records amazingly. Should continue unless inventories continue to be delayed in replenshiment which is expected especially in the off-road sector where we are running out of everything and don't expect any real restock until late July into August. Hoping that our street legal business will help off-set the losses caused by depleted off-road stock.

Nuff blab, spent on and off today an easy 6-8 hrs of writing, blogging, posting, marketing, and editing. So a good day as an author. Hopefully one day will be like this almost every day expect those days I am traveling and just taking notes. As anyone who knows me always writing one way or another, whether its in my journal, on my website, social media, emails, or just for work. Writing is definately my thing. Even if I do suck at grammar (I have gotten a lot better than I was just a few years ago, you would be shocked at how bad I was with simple issues or spellings). What I can I say, I am a creative, details are for others. Hahaha.

Signing off. Cheers for now.

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