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Pod-Cast number one

Well, today has been interesting. Besides some honey-do’s like getting the cars washed and a run to the market, I also got to be the guest speaker on my first Pod-Cast. Started my day off right and had a good time to boot. My two hosts who run the show called “Guys who do stuff”, Josh and Joe were great to work with and we had many laughs. This Pod-Cast was about my long run in the Powersports Industry and my being the General Manager of Capital Powersports currently. We talked about what it means to be a rider, new riders coming into the sport, and overall sales in the industry, with some added reflection on my experiences over the years. I of course got to plug my dealership a few times which was great.

I had a lot more stories noted to talk about if time allowed, about my many on-road and store experiences, as well as my interaction with many actors in Hollywood with my time in Southern California catering to the rich and famous along the way. The good, and the bad. But we didn’t have time to get into much of those with their format. Oh well, maybe next time. I will have to keep the notes going forward. 😊

Now of course my dream would be to be on a show like this talking about my new book that just got published or even better was number one on the New York Times list. Now that would be exciting, but this at least gives me a taste of that life which I seek to achieve more of in the future. First I have to achieve getting published, then onto promoting the book which I know I would enjoy. I have always been someone at ease when I am talking about my passions, whether that be Motorcycles, my family, traveling, or now of course my writing.

I have actually had several offers to do pod-cast regarding my writing aspirations, but I don’t think I should be someone talking about that industry unless I have been successful in it. To me, that of course means I have to be published, and at this point having not gone into Query yet (but getting close!) I am no one to talk about those steps and what it takes yet having not gone through them myself. Let's hope I do! I feel like I am 3/4 the way through to that ultimate goal. Need to keep my eye on the endgame!

Now with the Powersports industry, and all my years in it, then yes, I am an industry expert having been someone who has been a consultant, salesperson, sales manager, store manager, race marketing manager, general sales manager, national brand manager, and now general manager in the two-wheel industry (and four with ATVs and Side by Sides). So I am happy to pass along my vast knowledge and experiences to those newer in the industry, or even those in other businesses about good business practices. Have done that as a consultant, and several times over the years with proteges who are now managers themselves or aspire to be.

It is an ever-changing industry that I have witnessed change dramatically over the years and have lived going through the changes that were both fantastic and harmful. Sounds like the publishing industry is also going through dramatic changes in the way writers become authors and stay relevant, so a lot more to absorb in that world before I can even start to be someone you would ask about it. But I continue to read, write, and take in all that is the world of writing hoping one day I may make my own mark in that world. Time will tell if I am successful, stay tuned!

I am still going through my notes from my editor and my beta reader and have changed several chapters already. Now adding a little more depth to a few characters to slow it down a tiny bit here and there throughout the book. My beta reader says I have great flow and the story moves fast, but maybe a little too fast? So a few places I can give a wee bit more depth to let you learn about that character more. Still a few POV issues to address as well. Almost done!

Note: Pod-Cast should be up on their site shortly.

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