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Social media crazy?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hello one and all. Well I really started writing many years ago as an expert in the Motorcycle Industry just doing newsletters for dealers, articles online, and as a commentator [Not counting my days in middle school in the journalism and AV class]. Then around 2015-2016 I started to expand my knowledge of Facebook after being a user for several years and enjoying it. I found my interest sometimes probably weren't everyone else's and might be boring them at times or overwhelming them on a subject that they had no interest in. So I decided to create my first seperate page based on the Motorcycle Industry and called it "MotoNut" [Found @Motonut34] based off an email address I have had for many, many years. It has grown organically, but not something I would say really took off. But it did allow me to comment and write about those things in the motorcycle and powersports industry that I loved and wanted to share and get it off my main personal page. It has had a consistant, yet small following in the 100-200 range, but I didn't care, I did it for the passion of the industry.

Then a few years later, I decided to do the same thing with my Marvel Cinema knowledge as a long time Marvel Comic's fan, and passionate fan of the MCU and what they have been doing as they brought these bigger than life characters to the big screen. Now this one took off right away probably because of the huge fandom around the MCU. At one point in just the first couple of month's I had a few times that it got as high as 1000 views. Currently hovering in the 600-700 followers. Not bad and gave me some learning curves in that world and how to get the message out using promoting tools and timing. [Update: Now nearing 1000 followers as of June 2020.]

Now last year I finally created my author platform facebook page and started my twitter account to connect to that page, as well as the final salvo being my actual author website which you are reading off of right now. So all is good in that world, but I am finding it a bit much to admin on keeping them all current along with my writing side sites neatly all tied in together. They do consume a lot of time, so now I find myself needing to somehow tie in all my writing platforms together to save me time which is very limited in my world currently. I want to be able to write something like this in my blog, which in turn I can link to my FB author page and Twitter account. That way they all help feed each other and tie the main reason in together - exposure.

Now the key is to find a balance in all these mediums while keeping them current and supportive of the end-game of getting published without affecting my creative writing and editing time. I am currently in the process of formulating an attack plan for my query letter creation, while still processing my editors line edits that come in weekly (generally). Been having trouble with that mostly with the ability to focus on it entirely with all these other mediums going on and my family and work focus. Social Media as you all know can be very distractive leading you from one read to the next when you should be doing something else. I am sure I am not alone in this. Curious about your solutions or ideas to balance this all out. Let me know you thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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